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For Eternal Remembrance
Secure in the Holy Land of Israel in Eretz HaChaim

Since the days of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our People have longed for the opportunity to find their final resting place in the Holy Land of Israel.

Eretz HaChaim, with the most beautifully landscaped and carefully maintained memorial grounds in Israel, specializes in assisting Jews from the Diaspora to fulfill that dream and acquire a final resting place in the Land of our Fathers.


The tranquil setting and unmatched services give peace of mind to the bereaved,the picturesque setting, landscaping and meticulous maintenance of the grounds has made Eretz HaChaim a final resting place of choice for thousands of Jews from around the world. Many organizations, yeshivas and congregations have secured specific areas for their members since Eretz HaChaim is the only cemetery in Israel that can arrange plot reservation for individuals, families, communities and organizations.

Eretz HaChaim is very convenient for visitors from abroad with its location just 20 minutes from the airport off the Jerusalem highway. All the facilities are designed to give the support for mourners in their time of need. The casket and accompanying family members are met at the airport. Mourners often use the family room at the modern, fully furnished and air-conditioned chapel to sit shiva before returning to the airport. The memorial grounds are fully electrified to enable funerals after dark, which are very common in the winter months with flights arriving in the late afternoon. There is a full-time office at the cemetery with support staff.

Cohanim are also given special consideration. The landscaping has allowed for wide paths and easy access for them to approach plots of family members, something that is not possible in most cemeteries in Israel. Eretz HaChaim has an additional advantage of being the only cemetery in Israel that can arrange plot reservations for families, communities and organizations.

Eretz HaChaim can give the peace of mind that individuals and families seek in their time of need to ensure that their loved ones are never forgotten," said Rabbi Sandler.
Eretz HaChaim ensures a full range of support services at the time of bereavement so that the transfer to Israel and the last rites will be performed according to halacha and with the requisite sensitivity and dignity.

It is our prayer that the chelka in Eretz HaChaim will be a segulah for a long and good life for you and your family, filled with Hashem's richest blessings,
and in the words of the medieval sage Iban Ezra: "Whoever who has a chelka (a portion) in the land of Israel , it is as if he has a portion in the world-to-Come.

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